You Absolutely Deserve It Mama

You Absolutely Deserve It Mama

You Absolutely Deserve It Mama


Dear Mama, It’s Not Selfish To Take A Break – You Deserve It


Dear tired mama who is reading this,

I cannot imagine how it feels to bring new life into this world. I cannot even begin to understand how incredible and amazing it is to grow a life inside of you and give birth to a human being. It is the greatest blessing and a privilege to be able to do this.


Motherhood is truly an eye-opening, all-consuming and at the same time all-exhausting experience. Once that tiny little person, that beautiful, fragile soul arrives in this world, every part of your life starts gravitating around them. Everything you once did becomes secondary. Everything that you once cared for is no longer your number one priority.

You are no longer the same person you used to be. You’ve created a life and you’ve brought him into this world. It is now your responsibility to guide this little human being and help them find their place in this world.

And I can see your happiness in your eyes, but I can also see that you are exhausted.

You are tired, dear mama.

But what bugs me the most is the fact that you are afraid to admit that to yourself. You feel bad about it. You desperately need a break, but you think that saying that out loud makes you a bad mother. Even worse, it makes you doubt your love for your baby.

Well, let me tell you something.

It is not selfish to take a break. You not only deserve it, but you also NEED it.

So, it is okay to pause. It is okay to take some time out. I know that you’re a superhero woman and you can do almost everything, but don’t forget… You are also a human being made of flesh and blood. You have to take care of yourself. You have to find time to sit down and have a good conversation with yourself.


Give yourself a break from that guilt of not being the best mother ever. You cannot possibly manage all of it without going crazy.

Give yourself a break from thinking that everything has to be perfect. Perfection doesn’t exist. It’s just an illusion. Focus on what matters.

Give yourself a break from running around and doing everything because you are the mom. Talk to your partner and let them know that you cannot continue living like this. Make him aware that you are in this together. You are equal.

Give yourself a break from feeling like a failure. You are doing everything that you can. You deserve to have some quiet alone time for yourself.

Give yourself a break from refusing to take a break. You deserve it. You need it. Otherwise, you’ll crack under the pressure. And that is not the way you’re supposed to live your life. That is not something that your children should see.

Motherhood is a blessing, but it is also one of the most challenging roles you’ll ever have in life. You’d think that you could control it. But the truth is, you cannot always prepare for everything that you’ll face in life.

Make time for yourself, nurture your soul, work on your mental issues, take care of your body and be a role model for your children. Be the person that you’ve always admired.

Take a break before you completely break, mama.



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